Meet the Executive

Executive Directormeet_the_exec_31_1240108057

Paul Turenne

Paul’s role is to advance the interests of the outdoor tourism industry in Manitoba, as well as to run the MLOA office and manage the organization’s operations. Paul represents the industry and its operators on various boards and committees including Fish Futures, the Canadian Federation of Outfitter Associations, and the Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Fund, on which he is vice-chair of the wildlife subcommittee.  Paul is an avid hunter and angler and a former lodge punk. Paul can be reached in the MLOA office at 204-772-1912 or by e-mail at

President (Director at Large)meet_the_exec_20_506847882

Paul Conchatre – Paul operates Birdtail Waterfowl Service. He can be contacted at:
PHONE: 204-294-2694

Vice-President (Director – Zone 3)

Helgi Einarsson – Helgi and his wife, Dale, operate Einarsson’s Guide Service. He can be contacted at:
PHONE: 204-659-4573

Secretary (Director – Zone 4)meet_the_exec_33_3707599739

Anne-Louise Budd and her husband Jim operate Gunisao Lake Lodge with their son Dusty and his wife. She can be contacted at:
PHONE: 517-676-3474

Treasurer (Director-At-Large)meet_the_exec_33_264390837

Ron Dare- Ron operates Bear Track Outfitters, he can be reached at;
PHONE: 204-224-4873

Director – Zone 5



Jason Hamilton – Jason operates Jason Hamilton Outdoors, which specializes in ice-fishing trips on Lake Winnipeg. Jason can be reached at 204-797-6616.


Director – Zone 1meet_the_exec_33_2174284421

Ryan Suffron. Ryan runs Alpine Country Outfitters, and is the former executive director of the MLOA.
Contact him at 204-539-2069

Director – Zone 2meet_the_exec_21_4097803664

Jerry Dunlop – Jerry operates Dunlop’s Fly-in Lodge and Outposts. He can be contacted at:
PHONE: 204-422-6809


Judy Usunier – Judy and her husband, Tom, operate Big Grass Outfitters. She can be contacted at:
PHONE: 204-386-2145


Mike Adey – Mike operates Whiteshell Outfitters He can be contacted at:
PHONE: 204-369-5354


Peter Slobodzian. Peter and his family run Quesnel Lake Caribou Lodge in Nopiming Provincial Park.
Peter can be reached at 1-877-305-5526.

Past PresidentPit_Turenne

Pit Turenne – Pit and his wife Julie operate Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge. He can be contacted at:
PHONE: 204-237-5253

Director – Allied membersBrian_Locosavich

Brian Locoshavich – Brian is a Marketing Associate with Sysco Winnipeg. He can be contacted at:
PHONE: 204-478-4144