Member strategy sessions

There will be no panelists on stage or guest speakers during these guided discussion sessions, which are designed to offer the MLOA board and membership an opportunity to talk through and propose solutions to some of the issues that hinder business and prevent growth in our industry.

Guests from government agencies, partner organizations and other members of the community in attendance are welcome to sit in on, and participate in, the Monday sessions, but the Tuesday session will be open to MLOA members only.

Topics for our convention 2017 strategy sessions will include (but not be limited to):

• Accommodations: Should MSD still be regulating our accommodations in an Airbnb world? What can the province and municipalities do to level the playing field between registered, licensed businesses and private cottage rentals?

• Clarifying the legal definition of outfitting in Manitoba (what should require a license and what shouldn’t), and what is the current opportunity to get the legal definition changed?

• Increasing industry participation in the Licensing Advisory Committee and Resource Tourism Operators licensing

• Transport Canada inspections in Manitoba regarding boat registration and safety equipment

• Resolving third-party interests of lodge owners in Treaty Land Entitlement claims

• Improving the labour pool of job-ready applicants in northern and rural Manitoba

• New waterfowl outfitting policy and possible draw for freelance non-resident hunter

• And many other topics relevant to member businesses

Sessions will take place at the following times (subject to change):

Member strategy session I – Monday, Dec. 11; 9:30 – 10 AM
Member strategy session II – Monday, Dec. 11; 10:45 AM – noon
Member strategy session III – Monday, Dec. 11; 1:30 – 2:30 PM
Member strategy session IV (members only session) – Tuesday, Dec. 12: 1 – 3 PM

Topics have not yet been assigned to specific sessions. A schedule matching topics with particular sessions will be posted on this page closer to the event.