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  • Anglers, hunters give $30K to MB projects


    Anglers and hunters give back in a big way

    For immediate release – May 4, 2017
    Winnipeg – A $30,000 donation from hunters, anglers and outfitters will help support the enforcement of sustainable hunting and fishing practices in Manitoba, as well as investing in youth and community-based programming.

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  • GST rebate loss hits outfitters’ clients


    The loss of the GST rebate on tour packages sold to non-residents of Canada will affect the clients of many Manitoba lodges and hunting outfitters.

    When Canada’s federal government announced its latest budget March 22, it was revealed they would repeal an existing GST rebate that applied to accommodations sold to foreign residents as part of a tour package. Read More…

  • MLOA AGM 2016 in the books


    MLOA members passed nine resolutions at our annual general meeting on Dec. 13, 2016. Most of this year’s resolutions relate to unlicensed outfitting, which is something that was front and centre at our convention this year. Other resolutions relate to bear hunting, the caribou season, and youth whitetail deer hunting.  Read More…

  • MLOA convention: you should go


    The MLOA hosts a convention every year, but why should anyone go?


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  • Fall hunting seasons arrive


    For immediate release – Aug. 29, 2016


    WINNIPEG – It’s opening day for many of Manitoba’s traditional fall hunting seasons, which signals the arrival of autumn in our province. While that may be a bummer to some, it’s welcome news for the thousands of people who will begin taking to Manitoba’s forests and fields today.

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  • CFOA opposes CITES proposal


    There will be a vote this fall at the international CITES Conference of the Parties, that may or may not spell the end of CITES exemptions for exporting hunted black bear specimens from Manitoba, and indeed all of Canada. Read More…

  • New ministers come to power


    Manitobans voted a few weeks ago for a sweeping change in government, and for a lobby organization like the MLOA, that means a whole new crew of people to work with on our issues. Read More…

  • Five sentences we’d love to hear


    Five sentences we’d love to hear from election candidates

    April 8, 2016 – For immediate release

    Manitoba’s lodge operators and outfitters bring thousands of tax-paying visitors into our province every year, contributing tens of millions of dollars into our provincial economy annually. Read More…

  • Debating Manitoba’s fisheries


    The University of Winnipeg will be hosting an election candidate’s debate on Manitoba’s fisheries and angling issues on April 5.

    The MLOA will be part of this event, making a presentation on Manitoba’s angling outfitting industry and the general economic impact of recreational angling in the province. Read More…

  • Getting back to business


    As small business owners, the MLOA’s members are greatly affected by provincial government decisions on taxation and industry regulation. These are not abstract, pie-in-the-sky policy decisions, when it comes to business tax rates, the burden of sales tax collection and remittance, and regulatory compliance. These are things that affect the daily routine of our members, as well as investment decisions when it comes to their businesses. Read More…