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US Border Closures, Travel Restrictions and Obtaining a Fishing License

US Border ClosureSince March 21, all non-essential (sorry, this includes fishing and hunting) travel between the US and Canada has been prohibited.  There has been speculation  circulating for weeks now about specific dates for re-opening the border.  These are just rumours.  Once Canada and the US agree on a re-opening date, our governments will make the official announcement along with any conditions that may accompany the re-opening.  When this official announcement is made, we will post the information. Your lodge and outfitter will also contact you.Travel Restrictions When Entering Manitoba from Other ProvincesWhile strongly discouraged to do so, Canadians and people from other countries are allowed to travel to Manitoba.  However, our current State of Emergency under the Emergency Measures Act and Public Health Orders require any person (with some exceptions such as those transporting goods and materials in or through Manitoba and who do not show symptoms of COVID-19,  those that provide vital services and as specified in the Public Health Order, people traveling for emergency health services and more (see a complete list in the order) MUST self-isolate for 14 days until such time as the order is terminated.Travel Restrictions to Northern Manitoba

Travel to northern Manitoba (north of the 53rd parallel of latitude) and to remote communities that are not connected to the provincial highway system by a year-round all-weather road is prohibited until the orders are terminated by the chief provincial public health officer. The orders will continue to provide for some exceptions to this prohibition, including people who live north of the 53rd in Manitoba and who are returning home deliveries of goods and services vital to the north (as listed in the order) and people traveling north for employment for a vital business (as listed in the order).Obtaining Your Fishing LicenseFor non-residents (other Canadians) foreign residents (international travellers) coming to Manitoba to fish, you can now obtain your fishing license on-line ( in advance of your trip and from the comfort of your home.  We highly encourage you to obtain your fishing license on-line, as many of our lodges and outfitters are not able to do this for you when you arrive, due to lack of internet (or poor internet) and other requirements.  Manitoba no longer offers paper-based fishing licenses and the only way to obtain them is via the internet.   For those coming to hunt, your Outfitter will still provide your hunting license and tags when you arrive.  Non-residents and foreign residents are not permitted to purchase Manitoba hunting licenses on-line.

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