There’s a million kilometres of road in Canada. If you head down any one of them for any length of time, you’ll end up nowhere. For some of us, nowhere is exactly where we want to be.

Hitchweb knows a weekend or a week on the road is not for everyone. It’s unpredictable. It can have flat tires, cold nights and wrong turns. The kids can fight, then make up, then fight again. But for Hitchweb customers, these are the moments that make great stories. We hear them all in our mission to offer truly Canadian service. We’re local people who will do whatever we can to help you and your family hitch up, roll out and drive on.

Camping with your family, fishing with your pals or selling all your possessions and turning a van into your home on wheels – wherever the road leads, we’ll continue to offer quality parts and local service to Canadians who enjoy the simpler things in life: a wheel in your hand and four on the road. The road to nowhere will always bring you closer to the people you travel it with. That’s why Hitchweb supplies everything you need for the trip.

When Derick Sabourin took on Hitchweb six years ago out of Vancouver, he built it for the Canadians who were nowhere-bound. Hitchweb sources high-quality vehicle parts and accessories from trusted manufacturers with Canadian warehouses. See Hitchweb as your adventure outfitter for your vehicle, bringing thousands of hitches, roof racks, cargo carriers and camping supplies to one online store.


Our team will offer the truly Canadian service that you deserve. Our 5-Star service and accomodating return policy will make you want to come back to plan your next adventure on wheels.


So you can enjoy the Hitchweb experience we will price match, and look to give an additional 5% discount to thank you for the opportunity. Some rule apply, please visit our price match form


We ship from CANADA and USA, therefore NO DUTY OR ADDED FEES will be added to your order, AND we offer free shipping to USA and CANADA on orders above $100. *Some exceptions apply.


We support the top brands giving you the ability to compare your options and choose what product best suits your budget and interests.

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