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Sea North Tours is the oldest tour company on the water in Churchill, Manitoba. Founded in 1977, by Mike and Doreen Macri, it was sold in 2011 to their close friends, Dwight Allen and Louise Foubert, who are the current operators today. It has always been a family owned company that developed because of a love of the subarctic and its wildlife. Dwight and Louise have a passion for sharing Churchill’s treasures with people from all over the world and started their tourism ventures back in 1982. Along with their son Remi, they have spearheaded many of the tourism attractions in Churchill today including: paddleboarding with the belugas, whale-friendly boats, The Sloop Cove Hike and more. With their entrepreneurial ingenuity, Sea North Tours continues to grow each year.

Sea North Tours Ltd. has been in operation for 40 years! Our mandate has always been and will always continue to be to provide our visitors with a unique opportunity to observe marine animals in their natural environment and to spread knowledge about their behaviour and biology.

Our aim is to operate our business in a sustainable and responsible way in order to ensure and encourage continued preservation, protection and welfare of the animals and to minimize our impact on nature. We hope that we are the ears, eyes and the voice to help uphold the protection of the region’s wildlife population.

Sea North Tours
153 Kelsey Boulevard PO Box 219
Churchill, Manitoba R0B 0E0
Ph: 1-204-675-2195
Email: [email protected]

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