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We are prairie farm boys with a passion for our land, and a commitment to caring for the land that we make a living on. When the crop is in the bin, our next great passion is hunting. We farm and manage over 20,000 acres of cropland exclusive to our clients, and waterfowl love our land as much as we do!

Located in the middle of prairie pothole region of Manitoba, the Russell/Foxwarren area is the main staging area for waterfowl during their migration South on the Central Flyway. Our area has a large number of permanent and seasonal water-bodies which are interspersed with farmland where both grain and legume (pea) crops are grown in abundance. Thousands of Ducks, lesser Canada, snow geese, blue geese, speckle bellies and Big Canada geese stop over during their flight south to feed on our agricultural fields during the day and roost on the many water bodies of the area at night. The combination of excellent wetland habitat, vast grain-fields and Central flyway migrants has made our waterfowl hunting considered the best in North America. Ducks Unlimited and Delta Waterfowl both have a strong presence in this area conserving much of the wetlands, and nesting habitat.

Over the last 20 years, more and more populations of Canada geese and multiple species of ducks call this area home all summer long. Damage to crops in the fall by feeding geese and ducks is common and we along with our neighbours need your help to control these numbers!

Silverwing Waterfowl Outfitters
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