Foodbuy simplifies procurement for our customers.
We are the procurement sector of Compass Group and hold tremendous purchase volume that enables us to deliver unmatched cost savings. We work with over 400 leading manufacturers and distributors across Canada, offering 35K contracted products, and leverage over $2B in purchasing power. Foodbuy is an industry leading Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) and the largest foodservice procurement organization in North America.

o We deliver flexible sourcing and supply chain options to meet
all of your demands.
o There are no terms to our agreements and no membership fees.
o We address special needs and mitigate gaps in your supply chain.
o There is no need to switch existing suppliers or change your distribution agreements.
o We provide innovative procurement solutions for every aspect of your business so you only need to work with one provider.
o We can assist with meeting your culinary and financial goals.

We process more than 28 million transactions per month, giving us the ability to provide extensive data
analysis to our customers, keeping them profitable and enabling them to perpetually re-evaluate our
products. Customers are given product options to evaluate to make smart choices, providing the right
products for the right applications at the right price.

Ph: 204.430.4101
Email: [email protected]

Box 70084, RPO Kenaston
Winnipeg, MB
Canada R3P 0X6
PH 204.772.1912
TF 800.305.0013
E [email protected]

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