Waterfowl Outfitter Allocation Training

Most outfitters who are allocated foreign resident migratory game bird licences for this fall should have received notice. The licensing process can be found below and the branch has suggested that all outfitters begin this process as soon as possible so that there are no delays with their game bird licenses.


The first step for each outfitter is to sign a new elicensing vendorship agreement, even if they have had a vendorship agreement prior to 2020. All active vendors must have a new agreement in place. All agreements are forwarded to Tracy Love to review and action.

If the outfitter has already signed a new agreement, but has been offering big game licences in a paper format, they will be required to supply banking information in order to sell the foreign resident migratory game bird licences as these will not be offered in paper format.

With the submitted vendor agreement, the Province will begin the initial setup of the outfitter account in the Aspira system. This can take almost an hour to complete all details and required links. The banking information is then sent to Aspira for final uploading and this triggers the training module to be sent to the outfitters within a day or so. These processes are not completed on weekends.

The next step is Aspira’s training module is sent to the outfitter. It is called “Brain Shark” and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Once this training is done, a survey at the end of the training is to be completed. This just takes a few minutes. Once the survey is completed, the credentials for the outfitter’s account are sent to the outfitter and we are notified of the completion of the training. Aspira provides strong support during this process and any vendor can complete the training as often as they wish. Most are comfortable with the process after the initial training session.

The Licensing Unit will send out an outfitter’s user guide and the vendor business number once we are notified that credentials have been sent. The guide will assist the outfitter in using the program when selling licences, running reports, and completing ODFs. The vendor business number is necessary to allow certain processes to be completed by this program.

The time frame to complete this process of sending in an agreement to receiving the user guide from Licensing can average about two (2) weeks from start to finish, depending on how quickly the outfitter begins and completes their training.

The final step is the uploading of the allocations. Until training is completed, the allocations are not loaded into the outfitter’s account and they will not be able to access or sell these licences.


Outfitters must be in good standing with the Licensing Unit, LAC, and Wildlife and not have any outstanding fees or agreements. These issues will cause further delays.

Aspira uses a Microsoft program as per the highlighted detail listed in the Vendor Agreement under SCHEDULE A, COMPUTER SPECIFICATIONS, page 12. It is not functional on Mac computers.

For any questions about the allocation training program or for further information about the vendor agreement or bank forms please contact:

Tracy Love
Manager, Licensing & Client Information Units
Manitoba Environment and Climate
Manitoba Natural Resources and Northern Development
PH: 204.945.1397
Email: [email protected]

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