I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the accomplishments achieved through the collaboration between the previous government, and the MLOA. Together, we embarked on initiatives that have had a lasting impact on the province’s environment and the livelihood of our members, aligning perfectly with our association’s vision of a vibrant resource-based tourism industry in Manitoba that provides world-class experiences to our clients, supports local employment, contributes to the provincial economy, and preserves the sustainability of the natural resources that our industry relies upon.

These significant achievements include:

  1. Development and Implementation of a new  Provincial Recreational Angling Strategy: While presenting some challenges for our industry, this strategy has been instrumental in promoting the sustainability of our provincial fisheries, ensuring that Manitobans can continue to enjoy our remarkable angling opportunities for generations to come.

2. Development and Implementation of the Hospitality Sector Relief Program: This program provided essential support to our members within the hospitality sector, during challenging times, ensuring the viability of their businesses and the continuation of high-quality services for visitors.

3. Waterfowl Modernization Strategy:  Efforts in the implementation of this strategy have guaranteed that Manitobans maintain access to the province’s excellent waterfowl hunting opportunities. This is crucial for preserving our rich hunting traditions.

4. Economic Impact Assessment of Lake Winnipeg’s Walleye Fishery: Through our collaboration with other stakeholders, Probe Research conducted this assessment, leading to the provincial department implementing changes to the minimum mesh size of commercial nets, and a quota by-back that ensure the sustainability of Lake Winnipeg’s fishery, benefiting all species affected. These changes align with MLOA’s commitment to shared management of provincial wildlife populations and serve to protect our diverse fish and wildlife population. Further work is required in this area.

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