• There is no mechanism to have a home-built facility inspected for CSA Z240 compliance. In order to build a CSA Z240 certified RV, it has to be built in an A277 certified factory where the manufacturing process is inspected to maintain certification.
  • The Office of the Fire Commissioner used to inspect RVs, but it was only for manufactured RVs in cases where the certification label was damaged or missing. Apparently they never inspected home-built structures.
  • In summer 2023, the regulation respecting RV standards was moved from the former The Buildings and Mobile Homes Act (now The Buildings Act) to The Highway Traffic Act General Regulation – resulting in changes in CSA Z240 compliance requirements.
  • The Department is exploring how this change impacts the requirements for individuals who rent RVs to meet the CSA standard and the implications for RTOs for on-ice accommodations.

They have updated the webpage, guidelines, and eligibility checklist in response to regulatory changes for RV rentals in Manitoba: https://www.gov.mb.ca/nrnd/accommodation/index.html

You’ll notice that the requirement for CSA compliance has been replaced with a requirement for RVs to be safe and properly maintained, including propane systems, electrical systems, vehicle components, plumbing, fire safety, and egress. No requirement for inspections.

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