Big Game Threat and Hunter Health Concern


Chronic Wasting Disease is a sister to “mad cow” disease, and is confirmed in twenty-four US States, plus Alberta and Saskatchewan. It transmits through bodily fluids and is especially persistent and infectious in the clay soils, passing through dust, water, plants and trees. Recent research confirmed that macaques monkeys can be infected with CWD, suggesting that hunters should exercise caution and get informed. The MLOA is advocating for quick and convenient CWD testing for hunter-harvested animals in Manitoba, to help keep infected materials from the food and feed chains.


The Alliance for Public Wildlife published two papers in 2017, including Chronic Wasting Disease: Insidious, Dire, and Urgent. Written for the general public, these are quick-reads that will make you better prepared for what you might encounter in the field. For more information, please visit


Please refer to the 2018 Manitoba Hunting Guide for more information on CWD testing in Manitoba and what hunters can do to protect our big game.