Debating Manitoba’s fisheries

The University of Winnipeg will be hosting an election candidate’s debate on Manitoba’s fisheries and angling issues on April 5.

The MLOA will be part of this event, making a presentation on Manitoba’s angling outfitting industry and the general economic impact of recreational angling in the province.

We also submitted a question about illegal outfitting for the candidates to debate.

Fisheries are a critical and terribly under-valued resource in Manitoba and we are very interested to hear what all parties have to say about some of the issues. Our fisheries deserve the attention of our elected leaders, and those with a stake in the resource deserve to see our government manage our fisheries properly to the benefit of all Manitobans and visitors alike. They are an important source of local, organic and healthy food and a huge economic driver in the province, and need to be recognized as such and supported with proper science, enforcement and investment.

See you all at the debate!