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Joro Guest Lodge & Outfitter

Guest cabins, angling, canoeing and waterfowl hunting, located in the Petersfield/Netley Creek area. Special interest in science and biology, as the outfitter is associated with Joro Consultants, who specialize in wildlife management biology.

Icebound Excursions

We provide mobile ice fishing shack rentals to anglers throughout Manitoba. Get out this hard-water season and enjoy the world-class sport fishing Manitoba has to offer in the comfort of our SnoBear. Whether targeting giant lake trout, northern pike or Lake Winnipeg’s famous Greenback Walleye, the SnoBear gets you where the fish are. Is Manitoba more famous for […]

Blackwater Cats Outfitter

Blackwater Cats has become Manitoba’s premier 4-seasons fishing outfitter operating on the Red River, Winnipeg River and Lake Winnipeg. Black water Cats Outfitter specializes in giant channel catfish through the open water months, switching to trophy greenback walleyes in late fall and continuing right through the winter ice fishing walleye season on Lake Winnipeg. Donovan […]

Sandy River Outfitters

Welcome to Sandy River Outfitters, located in Manitoba, Canada. We provide hunters the opportunity to hunt our trophy black bear and white-tailed deer in our huge territory. We specialize in archery, muzzleloader and rifle hunting. Our goal is to provide all of our clients with an outstanding level of service that will lead to an […]