Fish Tales Media Day

On June 24, we attended Fish Tales Media Day in Selkirk, Manitoba.

Travel Manitoba organizes the event annually in an effort not only to gain some local media exposure for fishing lodges and outfitters, but to expose the media members and the public to the sport.

MLOA executive director Paul Turenne did a live on-air interview with CTV Morning Live’s Karen Rocznik (seen holding the big cat in the photo accompanying this blog post), while Travel Manitoba CEO Colin Ferguson also spoke with Karen on air. Both interviews allowed us the opportunity to promote Manitoba’s lodges, outfitters and fishing destinations as tourism draws. Aside from that great public exposure, it also gives us the chance to ensure the media members themselves (reporters, camera operators, photographers, etc) are familiar with fishing and think of it and of us when doing future stories.

Never hurts to know those who control the flow of information to the public are familiar with your industry, your sport and your name. Thanks to Shel Zolkewich at Travel Manitoba for organizing this very important, and very fun, event.