Fisheries debate a success

On April 5, 2016, the University of Winnipeg hosted a public forum on fisheries issues in Manitoba.

This event included an all-party candidate’s debate on fisheries-related issues, as well as stakeholder presentations on the commercial fishery, the importance of fisheries to indigenous people, the economic impact of Manitoba’s fisheries, the role anglers play in supporting fisheries science and protection, and the function of the provincial fisheries branch.

Debate questions were related to topics like the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corp., eco-certification, investment in science to protect our fisheries and enforcement.

To view a video of the entire two-hour election forum, please click here

Presentation by the MLOA’s Paul Turenne (on the economic impact) begins at 52:45 mark and runs until 1:06:15 mark.

Election candidate’s debate begins at 1:20:00 mark.