Getting back to business

As small business owners, the MLOA’s members are greatly affected by provincial government decisions on taxation and industry regulation. These are not abstract, pie-in-the-sky policy decisions, when it comes to business tax rates, the burden of sales tax collection and remittance, and regulatory compliance. These are things that affect the daily routine of our members, as well as investment decisions when it comes to their businesses.That’s why issues that affect small business are important policies in a provincial election. You often hear a lot about social issues in elections, and that’s fine, but at some point governments have to remember that they have an economy to run, and while creating the ideal society is a noble goal, there are bills to pay and people to employ in the meantime.

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce has put together an election wish list for Manitoba businesses, which the MCC believes would improve the business climate in Manitoba. And improving the business climate is something we’re certainly in favour of here at MLOA. We have worked closely with MCC over the past couple of years as a member of their tourism committee, which successfully lobbied to have the province invest significantly more on tourism marketing than the pittance that had been allocated to that critical economic driver for so many years. We would like to give credit to Tourism Minister Ron Lemieux for supporting the MCC and the tourism community on this issue, and for championing it with his cabinet colleagues.

We would like to urge all parties – the MLOA does not endorse any particular parties or candidates – to consider MCC’s suggestions on the business climate going into this election campaign. We also urge them all to remember they have a province to run, and that that’s job one.

To view MCC’s suggested platform, click here