Hunting season is here!

It’s August 15 today. It’s been hot and humid for a few weeks here in Winnipeg. Baseball season is in its dog days and it’s still light out until 9 PM. And yet, today is the first day of autumn. And we couldn’t be more excited about that.

Well, not technically of course. The real first day of the fall won’t come for more than a month yet, but around here what really marks the exciting transition from summer to fall isn’t changing leaves, back-to-school sales or an astronomical equinox. Nope, it’s hunting season. And hunting season started today in Manitoba.

Manitoba offers hunting for a wide variety of birds and big-game animals, and the province covers a vast territory stretching from the sub-Arctic Hudson Bay to the 49th parallel, where air conditioner repairmen will certainly tell you it’s still summer. With all that variety of game and that much territory to cover, we have a large number of hunting seasons that begin and end at different times throughout the fall. But the first one – the one that kicks it all off – starts today. Woo-ha!

Our first hunt of the season (that is, once the spring seasons are over and the summer is waning) is the white goose season in Manitoba’s far north. So for some of our excellent MLOA member outfitters who operate in the Hudson Bay lowlands and the far north – known as Game Bird Hunting Zone 1 – today is Go Time. The first hunters of the fall season will have gotten up early this morning to target snows, blues and Ross geese. And we couldn’t be more excited for them. Make it rain boys.

Between now and November all kinds of hunting seasons will open and close across the province; from caribou and moose to grouse and coyotes. And today is the day that kicks it all off. Here we go!