It’s showtime, folks!

May is when many of our members put their long winters of office work and trade show circuits behind them and get back to where they’re most comfortable: out on the land and the water. 

Spring bear season is in full effect. The ice on northern lakes is struggling to hold its grip against longer and warmer days, and fishing season will soon open in many parts of Manitoba.

Of course for some lodge operators and outfitters in Manitoba, busy time can be in the fall, and some are even open year-round, but May is really when things start to happen for a good portion of our industry. And they couldn’t be more excited about it. Christmas morning might be the year’s most exciting time for a kid, but “first day at the lodge” or “first day in bear camp” sure are tough to beat.

So let the sun shine in, get those boats in the water, and enjoy the year!