Learning to fly – with firearms

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority says that over the past year it recorded more than 1,000 incidents where airline passengers had loose ammunition in their carry-on baggage or in their pockets.

As hunters we know how easy it is to slip a bullet into a pocket when loading and unloading, but clearly a loose bullet or shotgun shell is not the type of thing air security officers want to see when screening passengers (considering how upset they get at bottles of water or full-sized tubes of toothpaste!)

In all seriousness though, there are some protocols for hunters to follow when flying to Manitoba, or anywhere else, for a hunt.

Seasoned travelling hunters are well-versed on how to properly handle things like guns, ammunition, fuel, black powder, antlers, and other non-typical airline baggage, but if this is your first international hunt, or your first time flying with hunting equipment, things can be a little confusing.

CATSA has prepared a fact sheet for hunters with links to even more information on their website, and it’s available here at MLOA.com

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