Enviro-Step Technology Inc.

Enviro-STEP Technologies offers approved specialized products specifically developed for domestic wastewater, Commercial, Institutional and Communal applications approved for flow rates under 10 000 L/day.

Should you look for an onsite treatment solution for an office building, commercial facility, restaurant, gas-station, school or any other domestic wastewater application, Enviro-STEP Technologies has the perfect solution for your project.

We carry two of the best available technologies approved by the Province for flow rates under 10 000 L/day. We are one of the few suppliers capable of offering two approved and certified technologies assuring that whatever your site configuration, we have a solution for you.


  • www.enviro-step.ca

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    Edward Casar
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    16079 Henri-Bourassa Boulevard , Quebec, QC , G1G 4A2
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    204-801-5443 Beausejour or 1-877-925-7496
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    [email protected]