Gordon Food Services

Here are a few things about us:

Reputation:    Go ahead, ask around. We have a really good one, and for good reason. We do what we say, and we stand-by our commitments to you.

Reliability:     We know your business depends on our business, and we take that seriously. And the best way to demonstrate how serious we are is to deliver on our promises.

Responsibility:     We are good stewards to our people, our partners, our planet and our customers.

Recipe for success:     We have the right tools, right products and right experts to help you reach your goals – from grand opening and beyond.

Relationship:   It’s not uncommon for our customers to rave (and we mean rave) about their customer representatives. They’ve been known to drop anything, roll-up their sleeves, and drive a single head of lettuce across town if the need arises.

Respect:       We respect you and your business enough to treat you fairly – and conduct ourselves with honesty and transparency.


  • www.gfs.ca

  • allied contact name

    Shayne Brinson
  • business address

    310 Sterling Lyon Parkway , Winnipeg, MB, R3P 0Y2
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  • business email

    [email protected]