Blackwater Cats Outfitter

Blackwater Cats has become Manitoba’s premier 4-seasons fishing outfitter operating on the Red River, Winnipeg River and Lake Winnipeg. Black water Cats Outfitter specializes in giant channel catfish through the open water months, switching to trophy greenback walleyes in late fall and continuing right through the winter ice fishing walleye season on Lake Winnipeg.

Donovan Pearase, owner operator of Blackwater Cats, and his team of expert guides have spent countless years specializing in Manitoba’s one-two punch of world class sports fishing. They offer both individual and large group or corporate trips, clean modern boats and vehicles, top quality equipment and an unrivaled expertise for cats and walleye in the areas we fish.

There are 3 things you can expect as a guest of Blackwater Cats Outfitter. It goes without saying an expert guide with years of experience working hard to put your group on fish as well as an element of education with tips, techniques and proper fish handling practices. Top quality equipment that is both dependable and safe and of course plenty of good conversation and laughs with your guide during your world class fishing experience.

We have just finished a record year for bookings and our schedules for 2015/16 is already stacking up so don’t hesitate to make your reservations today. Great times await you!