Dirty Lake Outfitters

We are a waterfowl outfitter located in southwestern Manitoba’s Riding Mountain area.

Dirty Lake Outfitters is owned and operated by Barry Good, John Kryshewsky and Sam Parish.

We are all licensed guides and share the same drive and passion for waterfowl hunting as do our clients that hunt with us. Dirty Lake Outfitters work as a team, which is the key to our success, and combined with many years of hunting experience and knowledge we work together every day of the season to make each hunt a memorable success.

Duck and Goose field hunting is exceptional in our area. You will hunt pre-scouted fields everyday for the entire trip, our field hunts primarily consist of peas, barley, and wheat as this is a major source of energy for the fall migration. Our waterfowl hunts target both ducks and geese as we hunt from layout blinds and stand up blinds over full body goose and duck decoys. We run 3 different rigs pulling trailers loaded with gear and equipment to deliver a great field hunt and use the latest tools available to increase our success and comfort. We continually rotate and rest fields that we hunt so that you are hunting fresh fields every day which adds to the quality of the hunt. Potholes are a great morning or afternoon option for ducks as well where we target the water body that the birds will water in first before they head to the field ‎for feeding.

Although giant Canada geese and Mallard ducks are a mainstay, on any given day you may have the opportunity to take liberal limits of Lesser Canada’s, Snow, Ross’ or Blue Geese.

3 to 5 day packages available. Please call (204) 867-2984 or (204) 867-1984 for rates.