Dymond Lake Lodge -Webber’s

Located 30 km north of Churchill by plane

58° 49’ 19.72” N / 94° 32’ 40.92” W

The location of Dymond Lake Lodge, nestled near the treeline of the Boreal Forest, gives it a true wilderness feeling. 

Located in the migratory path of Canada geese, snows, blues and Ross, Dymond Lake is a wingshooter’s dream. 

In between hunts, enjoy some wildlife watching—polar bears, moose, pine marten, and even the elusive wolverine are known visitors to the lodge. 

This property has eight double occupancy rooms, all with en-suite bathrooms. Stay in one of our cozy guest cabins and indulge in our signature cuisine in the main lodge. 

The fenced-in compound keeps you safe as you move about and allows you to get within mere feet of the wildlife that stop by to check things out. It’s also great when you want to lie on the tundra, watching the northern lights dance across the sky! 

In the evenings, gather in the main building to swap tales from the day, or enjoy some quiet time in the small common areas located in your cabin.