Icebound Excursions

We provide mobile ice fishing shack rentals to anglers throughout Manitoba. Get out this hard-water season and enjoy the world-class sport fishing Manitoba has to offer in the comfort of our SnoBear.

Whether targeting giant lake trout, northern pike or Lake Winnipeg’s famous Greenback Walleye, the SnoBear gets you where the fish are.

Is Manitoba more famous for its weather or its fishing?  With temperatures reaching 40 below, enjoy the piece of mind that comes with being able to tackle everything Mother Nature throws your way.  The SnoBear comes equipped with a propane heater, GPS for navigation and four holes with sleeves in the floor.  Allowing you to escape the conditions and relax in the comfort and safety only the SnoBear can provide.

Perfect for getting out on the lake with family, or indulging with your fishing buddies.  Our SnoBear gets you off the beaten path allowing you to track down another Master Angler on your bucket list!
When planning your next excursion, enjoy the piece of mind that booking a SnoBear Rental with Icebound Excursions provides.