Riverside Lodge

Welcome to Riverside Lodge, one of Manitoba‚Äôs finest hunting outfitters! Here you will find the 2 historical hunting and fishing lodges in the Manitoba Parkland. Both locations have passed the test of time producing quality waterfowl hunting, black bear hunting and whitetail hunting for many years. We are also one of Canada’s most trustworthy outfitters, also proven over the years, and we wouldn’t operate any other way. We understand that you are looking for the best hunting trips money can buy, and your time is also precious. Our Manitoba hunting trips are more than an average hunt and we won’t waste your time nor money. Fun, exciting, adventurous, memorable and safe are just a few words to describe our hunting trips. From clouds of waterfowl, coveys of upland, massive black bear, elusive whitetail deer and wolves, Manitoba truly does have all this and more. Knowing this is why many will book a combo hunt with us.