The Lodge at Little Duck

Welcome to The Lodge at Little Duck. One of the finest full service wilderness lodges in Canada ‘s north, formerly known as Nejanilini Lake Lodge, is now under new management. Located in the heart of Manitoba ‘s sub-arctic wilderness, The Lodge at Little Duck offers incredible angling and hunting opportunities, spectacular scenery, exceptional lodging and gourmet meals. Our experienced and highly motivated team will provide you with the kind of friendly and personalized service that will make you want to return again and again. Please join us for a world class wilderness experience that you will not soon forget!

The Nejanilini Lake areodrome designation is CYNN and is a 3500 foot gravel/clay airstrip.

Angling Packages

Experience the incredible angling in Canada ‘s sub-arctic for trophy northern pike, lake trout and arctic grayling at our remote fly-in wilderness lodge in northern Manitoba , Canada . Little Duck Lake , Nejanilini Lake and the surrounding lakes and Wolverine River system are an angler’s paradise.

Our guests have over 200,000 acres of private water to fish and explore. Hundreds of miles of shoreline with numerous shallow bays, deep holes, reefs and rapids provide ideal structure for the trophy size Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling. A Manitoba record 21 inch Arctic grayling was caught on a fly within sight of the lodge and anglers have battled monster Northern Pike up to 52 inches. A truly exclusive experience.

There is little that can compare with the feeling you will experience in this untouched wilderness, while fighting the energetic Arctic grayling on a fly or the savage attack of a huge northern pike while you fish these icy cold, crystal clear waters. This is the fishing dreams are made of.

After an exciting day on the water, guests return to a hot shower in their private cabin, followed by a gourmet meal in the dining room and a relaxing evening in the fully licensed lounge. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

The Lodge at Little Duck insists on strict compliance with the use of barbless hooks and the swift release of all trophy fish. Current regulations require anglers to release all northern pike over 75cm, all lake trout over 65 cm and all Arctic grayling over 40 cm in length. While anglers are certainly welcome to keep one or two smaller fish for a shore lunch, we strongly encourage all anglers to adhere to our catch and release policy. The Lodge at Little Duck is committed to the high quality management of this world class fishery.

Our seven day all inclusive angling packages are un-guided, but you can also chose to use the services of a guide for a day or two or your entire trip for an extra daily fee. The option is yours. Packages of a shorter duration can be arranged on request with groups of six or more. Please contact us for further details.

Caribou Hunts

Come and experience the Serengeti of the north. Hunt for trophy central barren ground caribou in northern Manitoba , Canada . The Lodge at Little Duck is the only full service lodge in Manitoba that is situated on the annual migration route of the Qamanirjuaq caribou herd that is estimated at 500,000 animals.

Hunters, with archery equipment, muzzleloader or rifle, experience a success rate at or near 100% and record book bulls are taken every year. Our all inclusive hunts are based on one caribou per hunter, but a second caribou taken for an additional fee if available and arranged at the time of booking. All lodges in Manitoba are on a strict quota for big game which assures you that the resource is properly managed. Wolf, ptarmigan and world class fishing for huge northern pike, lake trout and arctic grayling are also available as long as you purchase the necessary licenses.

The caribou season opens near the end of August and we hunt through to early October, when freeze-up forces an end to our season. Our lodge actually remains open one week later than most northern caribou outfitters, which typically shut down after the third week of September. Although the weather can be rather nasty during the last week, the caribou hunting is fantastic.

During the first part of the season the bulls are still in full velvet, but by the 10 th of September most of them have stripped and polished their antlers. As the month of September progresses their manes become fuller and turn snow white. This is when the caribou bulls are absolutely magnificent.

Little Duck Lake , Nejanilini Lake and the Wolverine River system offer hundreds of miles of shoreline and this is a distinct advantage in locating caribou. Hunters and their guides will use boats to move from one area to another and caribou are often spotted along the shoreline. Stopping frequently to glass, bulls can be spotted miles away on distant ridges and from time to time your guide will beach the boat and you will take a short hike onto high ground to glass miles of tundra for caribou. The rolling tundra is not difficult to negotiate and the terrain, combined with the use of boats, allows us to tailor our hunts to an individual’s preferences or physical abilities.

Hunters return at the end of a day to a hot shower in their private cabin, followed by a gourmet meal in the dining room and a relaxing evening in the fully licensed lounge. If you need to communicate with the outside world both satellite internet services and a satellite phone are available .

Once your bull is down, your guide will field dress the animal and pack the head and quarters back to the boat. At the lodge your caribou will be de-boned and the meat and cape bagged and frozen for your return to Thompson. Hunters may take the cape and antlers with them or leave their trophy with us and it will be delivered to a very good local taxidermist for mounting or processing and shipping. If you are interested in his services the current rates will be available at the lodge or you can contact us in advance for more information.

Eco – Tours

Immerse yourself in the pristine wilderness of Canada ‘s sub-arctic. Whether you are a camera buff, a trekker, or enjoy the feel of your paddle slicing silently through the cold clear northern waters, the Lodge at Little Duck has something for you. Here you can experience the magic of the north by day and the comforts of our full service lodge at night.

The stark beauty of the Arctic Barren lands start at The Lodge at Little Duck. The hues and colors of the sand eskers, weathered rock, moss, lichen, dwarf birch, stunted tundra spruce and tamarack mix to create a natural tapestry that is simply breathtaking. Guests may also see some of the wildlife that inhabits Canada ‘s Arctic , such as Arctic Wolves, Ptarmigan, and the stately Central Barren Ground Caribou. This is the only lodge in Manitoba that is situated on the annual migration route of the Qamanirjuaq caribou herd that is estimated at 500,000 animals.

A short distance from the lodge you can explore the old site of Caribou Post, a Hudson ‘s Bay Company trading post that was closed in 1956, as well as the old Anglican Mission. Caribou Post was previously the home of the Sayisi Dene people who were relocated by the Department of Indian Affairs the same year the post was abandoned. The Sayisi Dene were hunters of caribou, true "people of the deer".

For those who would enjoy a few hours of fishing, while exploring the hundreds of miles of shoreline by boat, world class catch and release fishing is available for northern pike, lake trout and the beautiful Arctic grayling.

Come, relax, and enjoy the north!