MLOA Membership

The MLOA offers two types of membership: Lodge/Outfitter and Allied.

Lodge/Outfitter membership is available to any business owner who operates a business related to outdoor tourism in Manitoba. Typically these businesses include fishing and hunting lodges; outfitting and guiding services with or without accommodations; and resorts, cabin rentals, and other accommodation properties located in parks and wilderness areas, whether or not they offer guiding services. To view a directory of our lodge and outfitter members, please click here

Allied membership is available to any business – located inside or outside of Manitoba – that wants to work with our lodge and outfitter members as a supplier of goods and services, or even in a general supporting capacity. We have allied members who are boat dealers, taxidermists, travel agencies, hotels, airlines, and food service suppliers, but also non-profit organizations like airport authorities, regional tourism organizations and educational bodies. To view a directory of our allied members, please click here

Not sure where you might fit in? Please give us a call or drop us a line. We’re happy to work with anyone who’s interested in supporting Manitoba’s outdoor tourism industry and its operators and suppliers. We’re all in this together!