Information for Members

Here are some useful documents for members. Click on the file name to download a copy.


Air Travel Information for Travelling with Firearms – A tips sheet for hunters from the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority.

Allied Member Discounts – A listing of standing offers and discounts available through our allied members.

Application to Transfer Operating Authority – Manitoba government application to transfer an outfitting business to new owner.

Aquatic Invasive Species compliance – A tips sheet to help you comply with AIS legislation, which covers zebra mussels and other species.

Burning guidelines – Manitoba government regulations about burning waste at remote seasonal waste facilities and other operations.

Consent Letter for Travelling with Children  – A blank, sample consent letter for travelling across the border with minors.

Crossing the Border into Canada – A guide to help your guests navigate border-crossing issues.

Environmental Guidelines for Lodges  – Guidelines regarding wastewater, fuel storage, septic and solid waste disposal.

Environmental Guidelines for Outpost Camps – Guidelines regarding wastewater, fuel storage, septic and solid waste disposal.

Environmental Guidelines for Temporary Tent Camps – Guidelines regarding wastewater, fuel storage, septic and solid waste disposal.

LAC appeal information – Fact sheet includes information on how to appeal an LAC decision on RTO licenses.

LAC outfitter handbook – Everything you need to know about provincial licensing for lodges and outfitters in Manitoba.

Office of Drinking Water – Home page for regulations on drinking water systems in Manitoba. Lodges/outfitters may have consumptive or non-consumptive systems.

PST rules for lodges – A guide explaining how Manitoba’s PST rules apply to lodges and outfitters.

Provincial Park commercial leases – Standard commercial lease templates and other forms for businesses operating in Manitoba Provincial Parks.

Provincial Park pass rules – Who needs a park pass and who is exempt?

Rental boat safety checklist – Acts as temporary proof of boater competency for your unguided guests.

Resource Tourism Operators Act – This law, along with its associated regulations (see next link) govern Manitoba outfitters.

Resource Tourism Operators Act Regulations – These regulations govern Manitoba outfitters.

Transport Canada boater competency – Regulations for guides and outfitters operating boats with passengers.

Transport Canada marine safety equipment – Regulations for boating equipment like PFDs, lights and paddles.

Transport Canada outfitters compliance guide – National boating compliance guide courtesy of Canadian Federation of Outfitter Associations

Waste and landfill management – Home page for regulations on solid waste management in Manitoba.