MLOA supports Conservation Officer Day bill

Protecting Manitoba’s fish and wildlife resources from poachers and black-market sellers is a tough gig.

That’s why the MLOA was proud to support a newly proposed law that would designate Oct. 1 every year as Conservation Officers Day in Manitoba.

We were on hand in the Manitoba Legislature on May 30, along with more than a dozen COs, to witness as the Manitoba Conservation Officers Day Recognition Act (Bill 226) passed through second reading with unanimous support from all three parties.

To view the official letter MLOA sent in support of the bill, please click here.

It was a great opportunity to chat with some of the officers themselves, as well as with invited guests from the Manitoba Wildlife Federation, Minister Cathy Cox and her staff, and executives from the MB Conservation Officers Association, who were pleased to report to us that they’d recently purchased the aerial drone that MLOA agreed to donate to them through our Hunter and Angler Preservation Fund. COs will use the drone for everything from monitoring forest fires to anti-poaching enforcement efforts.

A special thanks to Selkirk MLA Alan Lagimodiere for sponsoring the bill. Dr. Lagimodiere spoke passionately in the house when presenting the bill, including highlighting the stories of the six Manitoba COs who have lost their lives in the line of duty since 1966. Dr. Lagimodiere told the house he had personally known four of them. That is a great reminder that these women and men deserve our respect, and we are happy to give it.