Near-lake record at Sas

The 50-inch mark is a rare milestone when it comes to Northern Pike. A Master Angler pike is 41 inches, and as anyone who’s ever caught one can attest, those are tough enough to handle.

Our friends at Sasa-Ginni-Gak Lodge recently had a guest land an incredible 50-incher. According to Manitoba’s Master Angler record book, the largest-ever pike caught on Sasaginnigak Lake was a whopping 51 inches, so this spring’s catch was only a thumb-knuckle away from a lake record. Congratulations guys!

Manitoba is one of the best places in the world to catch trophy northern pike, and the fact that at least one 50-plus inch monster is caught somewhere in the province almost every year is proof of this. But every time it happens, it is something to celebrate, like a 50-home-run baseball season or even pitching a perfect game. And I’ll bet there are lots of people who would take a northern Manitoba lake over Dodger Stadium any day.