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16 April 2024

Keevin Erickson on The Complete Angler Podcast

Keevin Erickson is a passionate hunter and angler with a love for filming, photography, and writing. His extensive experiences in Manitoba’s wilderness have ingrained within him a deep love for this province and its wilderness. This love of the outdoors along with his desire to use social media to tell about has made him famous with almost 300,000 followers on his Hunting the Interlake Instagram account.

As an experienced outdoors enthusiast, Keevin enjoys big game hunting the most, with the pursuit of elk and whitetail deer at the top of his list.   He is also a passionate angler and spends his free time on the water or the ice across the province, with his home waters of Lake Manitoba being his favourite.

You can click on this link to enjoin the conversation with Keevin.



Keevin also loves to share his hunting and fishing stories across various platforms in hopes of teaching and inspiring the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts. Whether in the woods, in the field, on the water, or the ice, Keevin’s enthusiasm for the outdoors is contagious.

You can find Keevin on these platforms: