Night Hunting Banned in Manitoba

Members of the Manitoba Legislature voted in favour of Bill 29, which was aimed at curtailing unsafe hunting practices in the agricultural sector. Municipal officials and landowners had been lobbying for this action for over three years.
Under this new legislation, night hunting is banned on all private land. Under previous legislation, indigenous people and Metis could hunt at night on private land if they were given permission.
Scott Phillips is a councillor in the RM of Sifton and he was pleased to see Bill 29 finally get approval and just in time for deer hunting and rifle season.
“The vote was 35-12 but the ban is in place to stop night hunting and the use of spot lights in the agri-sector. It took three years but common sense has prevailed and this was the safe thing to do for Manitobans of all walks of life.”
Phillips said the main obstacle they kept running into was people thought they were trying to take away hunting rights and being able to provide for their families and he says that simply isn’t the case. “We just didn’t want it done at night and in an unsafe manner and after three years of lobbying, testimonials, pictures, stories, insurance claims and even obituaries it finally came to light that night hunting is an unsafe practice and it should be ended.”
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