Operators question safety of TC proposal

A proposed regulation published by Transport Canada on May 21 would mandate that the pilot and passengers aboard float planes wear uninflated flotation devices either around their shoulders and neck or on their belt, during nearly all aspects of a flight, including boarding, take-off, landing, and all portions of the flight that take place over water.
At this stage the regulation has merely been proposed, and it’s not a sure thing that it will pass. If the regulation ever did pass, it wouldn’t be implemented for one year from the date it passes.
Transport Canada’s regulatory documents show that airline industry stakeholders have overwhelmingly spoken against the proposed rule (55 opposed to 4 in support) and some MLOA members have also expressed concerns to us over the past few weeks.
The primary concern has been the devices impeding exit from the fuselage in the event of an emergency. In response to member concerns, the MLOA sent this letter to Transport Canada in response to their call for public comment on the proposal.
We will keep members posted on this issue.