Photo contest finalists announced

The finalists of our 2016 member photo contest have now been announced.

We had many, many excellent submissions to choose from, but we’re leaving the selection of the final winner up to you.

Please vote below for your favorite photo, by simply selecting the button for your top pick. We are withholding the names of the photographers until all the votes have been tallied.

Voting ends Oct. 31, and the photo with the most votes on Nov. 1 will win a free booth at the 2017 Manitoba Outdoors Show.

A second free booth will be drawn from among all the members who submitted entries.

Please note voting is now closed, and we are tabulating the results. The winner will be announced soon.

Thanks to all those who submitted photos of what they think Manitoba’s Outdoors are all about.

Here are the finalists

#1 – Ice fishing

Sometimes the harshest environments make for the most beautiful.

Contest 1

# 2 – Retriever

There is no better hunting companion than a well-trained dog.

Contest 2

#3 – Float plane

The workhorse of the Canadian North. Where would we be without it?

Contest 3

#4 – Sasquatch

Sure we marvel at the natural beauty of Manitoba’s outdoors, but there’s always room for a little fun. Nobody wants to live in a world without humour, however beautiful it may be.

Contest 4

#5 – Black bear

Heart thumping, bear approaching, camera ready. This is the result.

Contest 5