Province Needs to Get Its Ducks in a Row

Winnipeg Free Press Article – September 29th, 2018


Manitoba Lodges and Outfitters Association president says Sustainable Development’s policies outdated

MLOA President Paul Conchatre spoke out in a recent article in the Winnipeg Free Press, advocating for the industry and pushing government into action. A partial excerpt: 

While money for tourism promotion continues to rise from a new funding formula, Conchatre says the management of the resource has gotten worse under the Progressive Conservatives. One of his major concerns is the lack of consultation with those working at trying to make a living in the industry. 

Conchatre says this is a direct result of outdated policies in Sustainable Development that don’t keep up with the new direction from Tourism. He believes many of those tourism dollars are not staying in the province — a direct hit on return of investment. While his operation is booked two years ahead, the outdated regulations and policies are not allowing new operators to get licensed. This is also very clear in the management of the resource itself. While Sustainable Development has good people working in the department, there has been no movement on suggested changes to the way the department works. These suggestions include a working model similar to the Sport Fishing Institute of British Columbia, which runs as an independent business at arm’s length from government.

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