Provincial budget offers little change for tourism operators

Manitoba’s provincial budget was released April 11, but there wasn’t any huge news in it for tourism, small business or fish and wildlife management. There were no major reorganizations of any departments affecting our industry. The Tourism Secretariat no longer appears as its own line item, although its operations have somewhat been consumed by the department of Growth, Enterprise and Trade, which also administers Travel Manitoba’s grant.

Speaking of Travel Manitoba, the funding provided for marketing continues to grow, with the total operating grant from government to TM now standing at just over $12 million. We are pleased to report TM is investing a substantial portion of its efforts and resources to attract anglers and hunters to Manitoba, so we are pleased to see additional money going to them.

Manitoba Sustainable Development’s fish and wildlife branch received a modest increase, from $7.9 million to $8.2 million. Although this is certainly better than a cut, it’s not the type of hefty investment some (including us) in Manitoba’s angling and hunting community were hoping to see.

As for any new taxes or credits, there is nothing of note this year that would affect our industry, or really businesses in general, other than an ongoing commitment to reduce red tape, which MLOA heartily supports. To view the provincial budget yourself, please click here