Springtime = Go Time

The spring is an exciting time of year for our members. Our black bear outfitters are right in the midst of some of their busiest weeks of the entire year. Our fly-in lodges are eagerly watching the ice recede from their lakes, while some of our outfitters are rejoicing in their first few weeks of open-water fishing season in Southern Manitoba.

But there is also that “spring is in the air” feel that takes on a whole other dimension when you’re out at a remote lake or deep in the bush. You recognize that it’s not only humans who venture out of their homes when the weather gets nice. The forests come alive with scurrying animals and new growth. And there is an optimism about the season to come.

We would like to wish all our members a great season. This is what they build up to all winter, and why they do what they do. So kudos on your hard work and planning, and enjoy the springtime sunshine.