U.S. firearms changes quashed

Hunters travelling from the U.S. to Canada this spring can be forgiven if they were confused about whether or not the regulations about crossing the border with firearms had changed.

For several weeks, it appeared as though the U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers would be requiring Americans travelling anywhere outside their home country to go through a complicated registration process prior to their trip, if they planned on bringing guns or ammunition with them.

However, that requirement has been placed on hold, and it will be business as usual at border crossings, at least for the foreseeable future. To view a press release from North Dakota Senator John Hoeven confirming this information, please click here

If any of our members or their clients have questions about crossing the border with their firearms to come on a Manitoba hunt, please contact our office.

We here in Manitoba, and indeed outfitters across Canada, are pleased to see that the proposed changes have been quashed, as we see no reason travelling hunters should have to register with the US government as though they were a firearms exporting business. We staunchly support regulations surrounding the safe transportation of firearms and understand that border officials do like to see proof that expensive goods like firearms weren’t purchased abroad, but a simple system is already in place to accomplish those goals. We support the continued efforts of Safari Club International and other organizations that are lobbying in D.C. to ensure the proposed registration requirements do not come into effect.

We greatly value our American visitors and although we are not a formal part of the US government’s lobbying process, we are happy to see that common sense prevailed in this instance.