We Are Not A Hidden Gem Anymore

CBC wrote an extensive article on fishing in Manitoba that featured several quotes from MLOA President Paul Conchatre. Highlights include:

In Manitoba, recreational fishing licence sales rose by 13 per cent in between 2008 and 2017 – jumping from about 169,000 licences to 195,000.

Travel Manitoba picked up on that trend in recent years and has managed to exploit it to the benefit of local recreational fishing economies, says the president of the Manitoba Lodges and Outfitters Association. “With Manitoba being almost like an unsung hero for a lot of years, I think the word is out now,” said Paul Conchatre, who is also a former board member of Travel Manitoba. He credits the rise in fishing licence sales to an aggressive shift in how Travel Manitoba approaches the marketing of fishing and tourism online. A different funding model has made that renewed focus on marketing possible, he said.

Out-of-towners typically spend far more on single outings, hiring guides, booking accommodations and transportation costs, said Conchatre. All told, Conchatre estimates local and non-resident anglers have spent $221 million in the past two years on walleye fishing-related activities just in the south basin of Lake Winnipeg and the Red River tributaries. With that comes the suggestion fish stocks are under more pressure.

Please read the full article by Bryce Hoye for CBC News: