Wedding guests welcome!

The Manitoba government has agreed to change the rules surrounding provincial park passes for wedding guests, in response to a request made by the MLOA.

Previously, guests attending a wedding being held within a provincial park needed to buy a park vehicle pass unless the wedding was being held at a “permanent place of worship,” such as a church. This meant if a couple got married at one of Manitoba’s fine park resorts, their guests would still need a pass.

Park businesses identified this as unfair and the MLOA wrote to the government asking for the rules to be amended. We received word back in April that the rules will in fact be changed, effective immediately, so that the exemption now also applies to weddings being held at commercial facilities within parks, such as lodges and resorts. This applies to both indoor and outdoor weddings being held at your facilities. If you are hosting a wedding this summer (2015) and would like clarification or assurance on this issue, please contact our office for more information.

The MLOA also made several other requests for additional pass exemptions, including for permanent park residents, delivery and service workers, and clients exclusively visiting private commercial facilities within the parks. Unfortunately these other requests were all denied. Nevertheless, we will continue to press for these additional changes, as well as for increased commissions for vendors of park passes and fishing and hunting licenses.